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Designing and producing remanufactured print cartridges can be a daunting challenge given the continually increasing number and type of new printers launched each year. To meet the needs of TonerCycle/InkCycle’s partners, the company continues its tradition of investing heavily in R & D, automation, facilities and training.

From state-of-the-art testing equipment, print performance and stability analysis equipment to distribution systems, not a single step of the process goes unchecked.

Every critical component – empty cartridges to fully packaged products to distribution documents and more – are all subject to internal verification and inspection.

While many companies believe that Quality Assurance is a simple set of measurements consisting of inspection of components, process audits and final print performance, TonerCycle/InkCycle has set a new standard. We operate under the belief that the Quality Rating they receive from partners encompass every aspect of the business relationship, not simply that the cartridge is defect-free.

Quality Policy