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Management Team

TonerCycle/InkCycle's executive team guides the company with over 150 years of print cartridge experience. Their backgrounds in both OEM and aftermarket cartridges extend from R & D to quality to production to distribution. Operating under the direction of CEO Rick Krska, whose background includes precision manufacturing in the nuclear weapons guidance group at Allied Signal, TonerCycle/InkCycle continues to raise the bar for not merely TonerCycle/InkCycle but the entire aftermarket industry.

RICK KRSKA, Chief Servant
RICK KRSKA, Chief Servant

Mr. Krska brings over 30 years of experience as a high technology entrepreneur and successful investor, specializing in executive management, product development, marketing, and commercialization.

As the driving force behind InkCycle, Inc. (also known as TonerCycle/InkCycle), Rick's journey began in 1992 when he established the company in his basement after 14 years in precision manufacturing. He's deeply engaged in all company facets, from shaping its strategic vision to nurturing a servant-led organizational culture and fostering innovation.

Before founding the company, Rick held a manufacturing manager role at Honeywell FM&T, a DOE prime contractor. This role included manufacturing electronics for nuclear weapons. His tenure there equipped him with a meticulous approach to meeting exacting standards, underlined by his top-secret "Q" clearance responsibility.

Rick's affiliations include the Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program, Young President's Organization, and involvement in various corporate philanthropic boards. These connections highlight his commitment to shared growth and community welfare.

Rick Krska's journey as an innovative founder and proponent of effective leadership underscores his lasting impact in the technology sector.

BRAD RODERICK, Executive Vice-President
BRAD RODERICK, Executive Vice-President

Mr. Roderick has more than 30 years of leadership experience developing strategic business and brands for top-tier companies. An accomplished corporate strategist and marketer, his vision and expertise in business performance have driven notable enterprise growth in the B2B imaging technology sector. His achievements have been featured in numerous trade publications as well as other business media. He guides the strategic planning, marketing, and operational initiatives of the company.

Brad holds a BBA from Boise State University . Brad's expertise extends beyond the boardroom. He is a reputable industry authority, acknowledged for his insightful contributions as an author, trainer, and speaker. His long-term participation with the Chief Executive Network (CEN) and other business and personal development collaboratives enriches both his company and the broader business landscape.

KEITH RILEY, Plant Manager
KEITH RILEY, Vice-President of Operations

Keith joined the company in 2010, bringing extensive experience in Lean Manufacturing and Total Quality Management. With over 15 years of leadership experience in implementing best practices and operational efficiencies to some of the regions best production facilities, Keith immediately began making important improvements to TonerCycle/InkCycle methods. He has successfully championed the ISO initiative, where the company achieved the certification requirements for three registrations in a very compressed timeframe. Under his leadership, TonerCycle/InkCycle's management systems became ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 compliant.

An Iola, Kansas, native, Keith graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in Business Administration and Accounting.

PAULA BYRNES, Director of Human Resources
PAULA BYRNES, Director of Human Resources

As the Director of Human Resources, Paula Byrnes plays a pivotal role in shaping the organization's success. Her core responsibilities revolve around two key pillars: sourcing top-tier talent and cultivating initiatives that empower company associates to achieve their utmost potential. Paula's expertise also extends to overseeing critical areas including payroll and employee benefits administration, nurturing employee relations, and spearheading the formulation and enforcement of pivotal employee programs and procedures.

Armed with a strong academic foundation, Paula earned her bachelor's degree from the University of Kansas, underscoring her dedication to continuous learning and professional growth. Her strategic contributions, coupled with her commitment to the holistic development of the workforce, stand as a testament to her vital role within the company.

Milton Jeffrey, Director of Facilities
MILTON JEFFREY, Director of Facilities

Milton's duties since joining the company in 1996 include the acquisition, maintenance and security of the company's multi-location 210,000 square feet of administrative and production facilities, management of the corporate vehicle fleet, security, facilities-related purchasing and general administration, and cost-control activities.

DAVID KROENKE, Director of IT Services
DAVID KROENKE, Head of IT Services

At the helm of IT Services, David Kroenke shoulders a crucial role in maintaining the user network and optimizing workstation configurations. His impact reverberates across various domains, most notably through his pivotal contributions to the company's ERP implementation, continuous enhancement of multiple corporate websites, seamless remote order processing, and meeting general company-wide information needs.

A veteran in the realm of computer programming and network administration, David brings a wealth of experience garnered over numerous years. His technical prowess and strategic insights serve as cornerstones in elevating the organization's technological landscape and ensuring operational fluidity. As the Director of IT Services, David stands as a steadfast enabler of the company's digital journey.

TRACY REED,Director of Information Systems
TRACY REED, Director of Information Systems

Tracy Reed's journey with the company began in 1996, advancing from the Customer Care group into the accounting department. Over the years, her unwavering commitment and exceptional contributions led her to assume a pivotal leadership role in the selection and integration of the Company's inaugural ERP system.

An indispensable asset to the organization, Tracy played a significant role in crafting and documenting TonerCycle/InkCycle's business processes and procedures. Her efforts were integral in embedding these practices within an ISO Quality Management System framework, underscoring her dedication to operational excellence.

Recognizing her outstanding performance and deep-rooted experience, Tracy was promoted to the position of Director of Information Systems in 2010. This well-deserved advancement not only acknowledges her consistent excellence but also highlights her capacity to oversee Administration and Accounting functions for the Company.

TOM SPINSKI,Warehouse and Logistics Manager
TOM SPINSKI, Warehouse and Logistics Manager

Tom is our highly experienced Warehouse and Logistics Manager. Joining our team in 1996, Tom has over 27 years of successfully negotiating transportation contracts, implementing operational processes and managing teams for small to large scale projects. Very skilled at collaborating with cross-functional teams to drive business goals and reach cost-effective solutions. In his time here he has become one of the companies most valuable assets.

ANDREW MAUPIN,Quality and R&D Engineering Manager
ANDREW MAUPIN, Quality and R&D Engineering Manager

Andrew joined the InkCycle team in April of 2008. In his time with the company, he has held positions within the toner production team, engineering team, and now resides as the Quality and R&D Engineering Manager. His main responsibilities include ensuring that all aspects of InkCycle’s quality standard are met with each product sold. This starts from the conceptualization of a product to the end user’s experience and interaction with the product. Andrews high attention to detail and ability to provide our customers with the best quality products, makes him a great asset to our team.

HUY LE, Production and Planning Manager
HUY LE, Production and Planning Manager

Best known internally as Andy, Huy Le joined the company in 2007 and masterfully held many different positions in the operations department. These roles were pivotal in his growth to become the current Production and Planning Manager. Huy Le is a valued employee who is directly responsible for leading the operations department's day- to-day activities and ensuring that all key company objectives are met in a timely, cost effective manner.

KARA KRSKA, Global Supply Chain Manager
KARA KRSKA, Global Supply Chain Manager

Since joining our team in 2009, Kara has been a dedicated and results-driven Global Supply Chain Manager. Specializing in logistics, ERP systems, process improvement, and supplier management. Kara is adept at collaborating with cross-functional teams to deliver production support and uses her expertise in evaluating supplier performance to enhance delivery and fulfillment. With a passion for innovation and a commitment to continuous improvement, Kara thrives in dynamic environments where she can leverage her expertise to shape and execute global supply chain strategies that deliver measurable results for the company.

DUANE KENT, Manager of Innovation
DUANE KENT, Manager of Innovation

Since 2010, Duane has been a critically important part of our organization. As the Manager of Innovation, Duane’s responsibilities include identifying opportunities, guiding creative ideation, managing the development of new concepts and ensuring successful implementation of all of these areas into the production process. Duane has the great ability to work on several different projects, with several different departments, to achieve the company's goal of satisfying customers. Not only does Duane maintain the ability to create and manage this process, he also has the ability to produce the machines that are directly responsible for creating our products. His highly creative, inventive and efficient skills are the reason why Duane is an integral part of the company’s success.