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Quality Policy

In order to ensure conformity with the requirements our Quality Management System and continuously improve the effectiveness of the system, the employees of InkCycle assume the responsibility and authority to implement and follow the company’s Mission and Core Principles as its Quality Policy.


To be the best in the world at rescuing and reviving products and materials for sustainable re-use.

Who We Are:

We are a community of people from diverse backgrounds who share the values of purposeful passion, service to others, integrity and a desire for quality relationships and products.

Who We Serve:

We do this by serving partners who truly care about quality, integrity, the environment and the total value of what we deliver.

Our Core Principles Are:

As Job 1, Quality is the basis for all of our decisions concerning products, processes and services.  Measured by:

1) Our own minimum expectation levels to provide performance within 5% of appropriate OEM characteristics and,

2) Customer Satisfaction as measured by Customer feedback, Industry recognition and our own internal evaluations.

  • We treat our customers, suppliers, investors, neighbors, and each other respectfully, honestly, compassionately and with dignity and humility as this is how we would expect to be treated. Period. 

  • We are committed to the Health and Safety of our people as well as the sustainable health of our environment.

  • Each Associate has the responsibility and the authority to do what is right in order to satisfy our customers.

  • Committed to continuous improvement.


TonerCycle/InkCycle’s Quality Policy is promoted, understood and adhered to at all levels of the organization.  This quality policy is reviewed regularly (not less than annually) at management review meetings to insure continued improvement in all facets of our enterprise. Our effectiveness is monitored through continual improvement of measurable objectives as identified within our KPI Summary Document #100102.