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With the recent introduction of newly-designed toner packaging created with our reseller-customer in mind, feedback on our boxes has improved signficantly. The new design provides easy storage and ease of use for the reseller and end user.

Punch out carry handles (on larger sizes)

No more stacking nightmares. These boxes stack easily without losing balance. Most of boxes feature punch out handles that can be used, or they can remain in tact and not be punched through.

Improved shipping durability

These boxes have been specifically designed for use with our highly protective air-cushioned system. This system provides improved durability over the previous style. No matter how far you have to ship, you will have confidence that every cartridge will be delivered in pristine condition.

Right-size box

The box sizes are now more condusive to the cartridge size. Oversize shipping cartons cost more in freight and take up more space in your delivery vehicle. The new box sizes are a better-fit alternative, using less packaging, but providing better protection due to the air-cushioned system.

100% recycled content

Our two toner packaging options are printed on 100% recycled corrugate. If it's a green intiative you're after, then the generic "TC" box is the one you should choose. The Premium (PR) brand is also printed on 100% recycled corrugate, however the full color nature of the printing excludes it from being considered a completely recycled box. Both boxes are recyclable in virtually every jurisdiction that offers curb size recycling.

Private label (toner only)

Most resellers also qualify for free generic private labeling available on our toner packaging. As always, we offer partial and complete private label services. Contact your Sales Manager to find out the requirements.

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