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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will using a remanufactured toner or inkjet cartridge void the printer's warranty?

No, Federal law prohibits any company or person from requiring you to purchase their OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) product. The Federal Trade Commission protects your rights as a consumer to purchase the product or service of your choice. The Magnusson-Moss Warranty Federal Trade Commission Improvement Act, Subparagraph C, Section 101, states this consumer protection law.

2. How do TonerCycle/InkCycle cartridges compare to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cartridges?

Each remanufactured cartridge goes through a comprehensive process including disassembly, cleaning, filling, component replacement and quality testing. Our cartridges are 100% post-tested to ensure that you receive the highest-quality cartridge.

3. Will I get the same number of printed pages from a TonerCycle/InkCycle cartridge as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cartridge?

TonerCycle/InkCycle has invested extensive time and money in our Research & Development Department to ensure that a comparative page count is achieved on each cartridge we sell.

4. How do I know that the cartridge will work properly once it has been remanufactured?

Each cartridge is quality tested to ensure its operational status. Our Quality Control Facilitators make sure only properly functioning cartridges are approved to sell.

5. How do I know which cartridge to purchase?

There is a reference guide in the Shopping area of our site that allows you to enter the model number from your machine and/or the OEM part number listed on your cartridge. That will let you know the correct part number you need to order.

6. How long will it take for my order to ship?

Once you have placed an order, the product will ship from our warehouse the same or next business day. The product should arrive to you within the standard time frame based on the method of shipping you choose.

7. How much will shipping cost when I place an order?

There is no charge for orders of $500 or more, shipping to a single location. Smaller orders will be charged actual freight charges based on weight and destination.

8. Does TonerCycle/InkCycle charge sales tax on reseller orders?

Sales tax will be charged on items shipped to KS, MO, OH, CA, PA and KY unless a valid Re-Sale Certificate or tax exemption letter on file.

9. What should I do if I have a defective cartridge that I need to return?

Call us toll free at 1-877-894-8387 (Monday-Friday 8:00a-5:00p CST) and one of our Customer Service Representatives will help troubleshoot your problem to verify the defective cartridge status and issue a return tag for sending the defective cartridge back to TonerCycle/InkCycle .