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Quality Assurance Steps

Step One - Defining the Manufacturing Process

The Engineering Research & Development Team is responsible for the development of processes and the selection of all raw material specifications. After initiating prove-in testing to simulate actual high-volume production, each activity within the process becomes a part of the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Care is taken to maintain the ability to generate the highest quantity of premium quality cartridges while remaining flexible enough to produce on the constantly varying conditions of empty cartridges. Once the manufacturing process and SOPs have been defined and proven-in, operators are trained and certified.

Step Two - Operator Training & Certification

Supervisors and Leads are trained first in the process using SOP. They in turn train the production personnel on each operation. Upon completion of training, each Supervisor, Lead and Operator is tested on their knowledge of the SOP and Certified.

Step Three - Component Control

Raw material specifications are established by the Engineering R&D Team in collaboration with supplier-partners. Once raw material specifications are established, records of conformance are required to accompany each incoming shipment of materials. A dedicated team of Quality Assurance (QA) Inspectors review each incoming shipment against specifications of conformance. Shipments outside of conformance tolerances are quarantined and returned to the supplier partner-never reaching the production floor.

Step Four -Process Control

Processes are controlled by adherence to the SOPs and enforced through procedural audits provided by the QA group. The manufacturing group is the first step in process control. Measurement devices are used throughout the manufacturing process for monitoring of process parameters.

Step Five -Print Performance Control

Print control monitoring is a multi-step process. Ever cartridge is print-tested for print quality prior to final external cleaning and packaging. Page yield and shelf-life stability are evaluated during the development process and as required by post-production quality standards. Multiple pages are tested during monthly and quarterly lot audits. All print performance testing is server controlled with engineering approved test targets designed to show maximum cartridge performance.

Step Six - Stability Control

Stability is always at the forefront of cartridge design, beginning with initial product development and continuing throughout the manufacturing cycle of the product. The Quality Assurance Team is responsible for monthly and quarterly lot audits to continually monitor shelf-life. Ship-testing is performed to verify the stability throughout the transportation process.

Step Seven - Packaging Control

The Quality Assurance Team, in conjunction with production personnel, perform redundant checks throughout the packaging process to ensure customers' products are packaged according to their specifications. Each packaging configuration is fully documented with pictorials and written specifications for differing package arrangements.

Step Eight - Distribution Control

"Products where our partners want them, when they want them and at the best cost." This is the sign that hangs above our distribution team's door. The team of experienced logistics experts maintains responsibility for efficiently moving each and every product into TonerCycle/InkCycle's customer's supply chain. Multi-step verifications are performed for both order and shipping accuracy. In addition to supporting web-based routing and tracking of both inbound and outbound shipments, the distribution process is EDI and UCC labeling enabled.

Step Nine - Partner Satisfaction Measurement Control

In the end, the close collaboration enjoyed by TonerCycle/InkCycle team members and customer-partners provide TonerCycle/InkCycle with direct feedback. This feedback translates into program enhancements or the creation of new programs. While recognizing the importance, as well as the limitations of anecdotal feedback, TonerCycle/InkCycle strives to quantify satisfaction measurements through various means. Partner Satisfaction levels are monitored through various documented processes, ranging from proprietary by-lateral partner programs to mystery calling and electronic surveys.